Quality Policy

From the time when we got established, we are quite following strict quality standards and norms to serve our clients best. As a result, quality inspection is one of the prime facets of our company since we inspect our sourced range relatively firmly for to sustain the industry norm.

We are also being called as a quality engrossed organization who strictly follows quality assurance approaches to make sure in giving the high standards of our range. In addition, we have a distinct unit for the testing method, which eventually make sure in giving the superior productivity of our product range. Furthermore, we have an improved equipment, technology and materials to guarantee the soaring quality of our range of products.

To make sure in giving the intact quality products, we have hired some of the best quality experts who have specialized knowledge in testing the quality of our range of products, which are in fact tested and manufactured as per ASTM, ASME, MSS, ANSI, and other appropriate industry specifications and codes.

Meanwhile, the quality assurance department supervises all significant quality roles and accomplishes the following activities:

(1)  Our array is provided together by means of the test certificates which are ratified by QAP.

(2)  The quality of our every incoming material is being checked by the proper system.

(3)  In method controls and inspections are carried out during heat action process control.

(4)  To sustain the dimensional precision templates and equipment are being brought in to the applications.

(5)  The inspection is carried out on the chemical and physical properties in our contemporary laboratory that is Govt. approved.