Screwed-Threaded Fittings

Screwed-Threaded Fittings

Stainless Steel Screwed 90° & 45° Elbows, Carbon Steel Forged Threaded Tee Supplier, Duplex Steel Forged Screwed Cross Manufacturer.

Alloy Steel Threaded Coupling, Nickel Alloy Forged Screwed Cap Stockiest, Copper Alloy Steel Threaded Bushing, SS Screwed Plug Exporter.

One of the oldest and effective methods of connecting piping system is credited to screwed threaded fittings. Just like the socket welded fittings, screw fittings get widely used for piping with NPS 2 as nominal diameter and small pipe diameter. Top class producers aim to offer screwed fittings with ASME B1.20.1 as dimensional standards. They even provide a document that includes information of pitch diameter, normal engagement lengths, no. of threads/inch. The contemporary technology helps in manufacturing high-grade material so as to match up with marketing standards.

Detail of Screwed Threaded Fittings :

• Moderately high installation productivity eradicates specialized installation skills
• To encounter vibrations, low-temperature installations are instilled and for excellent performance at low-pressure leakage integrity comes into existence
• The hydraulic fitting is created in JIC, NTP, METRIC, and BSP

Standard specifications of Screwed-Threaded Fittings:
Dimensions : MSS SP-95, BS 3799, ASME 16.11, 83, MSS SP-79, 97, 95
Pressure class : 4500 LBS, 6000 LBS, and 3000 LBS
Forms: Union female/male, union
Size : 1/8”NB-4” NB

Features -
The screwed-threaded-fittings have features such as-
• Anti-corrosive with respect to the environment
• It has the high tensile strength
• It is stress corrosion cracking/crevice corrosive/pitting/oxidation/corrosion resistance
• It has acclaimed dimensional accuracy

Know the testing -
Given below are some of the tests to assure clients get the high-quality product-
• Intergranular corrosion test
• Micro/macro test
• Mechanical test and chemical test
• Flattering test and flaring test
• Hardness test
• Identification test for positive material

Surya fittings delivers top-class screwed threaded fittings to international as well as domestic clients. So, go and get one such for utmost performance.

Types of Screwed-Threaded Fittings :

» Forged 90 Deg Screwed-Threaded Elbow
» Forged 45 Deg Screwed-Threaded Elbow
» Forged Screwed-Threaded Equal Tee
» Forged Screwed-Threaded Unequal Tee
» Forged Screwed-Threaded Equal Cross
» Forged Screwed-Threaded Unequal Cross
» Forged Screwed-Threaded Half coupling
» Forged Screwed-Threaded Full coupling
» Forged Screwed-Threaded Cap
» Forged Screwed-Threaded Plug
» Forged Screwed-Threaded Bushing
» Forged Screwed-Threaded Hex Nipples
» Street Elbows
» Welding Boss
» Union BS 3799
» Swage Nipple

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