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Socket weld fittings are a type of pipe fittings that are joined to the pipe into a blank area of fittings. These fittings are widely used in small pipe diameters mainly for the piping system whose nominal diameter is NPS 2 or smaller than that. To join the pipe with the valve or make any connection between two pipes socket weld fittings are used. It is a great choice for a wide range of application as it offers the best performance and reduces the leakage problem.

These fittings have great structural strength and have lower fatigue resistance because of the use of fillet welds as well as abrupt fitting geometry; still, they are considered a great choice for mechanical joining method. Socket weld fittings are basically a family of high-pressure fittings that are used in numerous industrial processes.

The fittings are used for fitting system that carries combustible, costly or poisonous material where there is no leakage is permitted. They are even used in the areas where the pipe work is permanent and is designed to offer better flow characteristics. The best thing about these fittings is that when they are used in pipes there is no need for beveled for weld preparation and it cannot penetrate into bore pipes.

There are various leading manufacturers available that are offering their customers a high quality of socket weld fittings at a competitive price. These fittings are manufactured keeping in mind the requirements and demands made by the esteemed worldwide customers.

These fittings are known best for their standard pressure and temperature rating, tolerance, accurate dimensions, tensile strength, and oxidation & corrosion resistance. The manufacturers make use of international quality standard material for making these fittings of different shapes and sizes. In addition to this, the fittings are made using advanced technology, material, and tools.

Every material is well inspected to ensure that the material will provide its best and will not get damaged for years. Once the manufacturing process is over, these socket weld fittings are sent for the testing process that helps manufacturers to check the quality and performance.

The entire testing process is done keeping in mind the rules and regulations of the company. After this, these socket weld fittings are packed in wooden cases/ boxes or pallets.

The family of socket weld fittings has baffled the industries for so many years. It is basically a form of pipe attachment that gets inserted into a dugged-in area of flanges, fittings, and valves. It is also known as high-pressure fittings that get used in top-notch industrial processes. Skilled producers aim to manufacture leakage proof fittings at affordable prices that get delivered safely to the customers. In conjunction with pipes, they are widely available in various size ranges.

Details of weld fittings:

1. It gets used for expensive, toxic or line conveying flammable material where there is no need of leakage at 300-600 PSI
2. It is available in a good range of sizes in conjunction with ASMS pipes
3. It gets used at places requiring permanent pipe-work and gets manufactured to offer excellent flow characteristics
4. It gets produced with numerous ASTM standards in accordance with ASME B16.11.
5. It has seamless tubes, forging bars, and seamless pipe as acceptable material forms

Some of the types of socket weld fittings:

1. Socket weld tees
2. Coupling
3. Socket weld cross
4. Socket weld elbow


In order to check the quality of socket weld fittings, several tests get performed on it which are mentioned below-

1. Macro/micro test
2. Flattering/ flaring test
3. Material identification test
4. Mechanical/chemical test
5. Hardness test &
6. Intergranular corrosion test


In order to deliver fittings to domestic and international clients, the fittings got placed in damage-free boxes such as-

1. Carton boxes
2. Pallets/boxes/ wooden crates
3. Customized packaging

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